55 Famous Urdu Proverbs and Its Roman Urdu and English Equivalents

Muhammad Farooq

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144 Responses

  1. fawad says:

    Sir please tell me the English translation of the proverb “kauwa chalaa hans ke chaal apni chaal bi bhool gya”

  2. faiza says:

    akheer hy….
    seriously kamaal hy….
    well done…

  3. Owais Mirza says:

    I got many of the meanings of the idioms but what is meaning of this idiom in English ” saghe ke hund ya chorahe mei photte he .”

  4. ali mavia says:

    asslam oalaikum sir may allah bless u for this job

  5. GULZAR says:


  6. babar says:

    salam farooq sir me ap k is group me shaml hona chahta ho pr kse ho samj ma nhe arha plz help me

  7. Muhammad Saleem says:

    I really really like your site. thanks very much indeed.

  8. Zeeshan says:

    superb,I would really like to appreciate you sir and thanks for uploading this type of file

  9. sir plz complete this proverb;Ata bech k ___khao

  10. RIZWAN ALI says:

    Can u plz add one more column for the use of these proverbs.

  11. amreen says:

    I want translation of “insaan khata ka putla hai”

    • @amreen,
      For some knowledge:
      “To err is human” You should not be too harsh with someone who makes a mistake, because all human beings make mistakes. (Often used as a roundabout way to ask someone to forgive you for making a mistake.)

  12. Rafiuddin says:

    Dear Sir .
    You have done a lot of efforts and we from heart appreciate it.
    I have a request if you have anything relevant to English please do email me. especially proverbs and idioms.
    best regards

  13. Rana Saqib says:

    good work and nice try hope its helping a lot of peoples, and please do not mind the critics, take them positive they will be good :)

  14. knwl says:

    Nice sir….
    can u send me more urdu proverb that mark gender

  15. Islamic Mobile Applications, Eng,Urdu,Arbic Quran English to Urdu Aur Urdu to English Dictionary Ke Liye Abhi Click Kare

  16. khalid says:

    excellent piece of work !
    can anybody tell me the meaning of the proverb
    “Jama Fail”


  17. adeel says:

    i like your web

    plz tell me eng “INSAN KHATA KA PUTLA HAI”

  18. anaya says:

    Really helpful
    Today going for Urdu literature’s exam and ur blog was like a wisp of light in the immense darkness of no preparation
    Need ur prayers
    Thanks for providing such a rich source

  19. johny says:

    Dude ur website is good but maaaan i also need sentences of these idioms
    i have to make a project bro

  20. Mazhar says:

    Best selection of Urdu Proverbs and thanks for write this useful information.

  21. Me says:

    translation of “meethi churi” plzz tell me soon,, thnkyew

  22. Me says:

    actually u know naw k class9 k board papers me translation ati h and us me phrases idioms or proverbs b hoty hn tw is lye mene ye web visit ki thi. kindly ap mje us point of view se help kr dein,, thnkyw

  23. Rehman says:

    Sir U do well job for all kid And student

  24. SALAM,

    Please advise us in English “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni”, “Jiasa Karogy Waisa Bharogy”, “Aisa Karogy to Kun Ayega”,”Aisa Nahi Hota”,”Naam Main Kiya Rakha Hai”

  25. umey says:

    Andhery mn teer chlana ke English kis hogi sir????

  26. nimra says:

    plz translate it in english plzz

    chalti ka naam gaari

  27. Zara says:

    Please tell the meaning of “zabane khalq ko nakaaraiy khuda samjho”. Kindly please reply this comment soon

  28. Zara says:

    Please can you tell the meaning of “oltay bans braily ko”.
    Reply soon sir

  29. alizay says:

    Sir i want to ask you the full proverb of “andheri nigri…………….+ meaning. Thankyou

  30. Mano Khan says:


    Tell me about this…Translate it please
    ( Jesa kro gy wesa bharo gy )


    Well your Website is so superb or informative Sir I really impressive JazakALLAH

  31. abbas says:

    very nice good wishes for you

  32. tousif says:

    it’s good thanks for it

  33. saad butt says:

    its very helpfull for us

  34. shahrukh says:

    very nice sir …. we need more

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