700 Idioms and Phrases Dictionary With Their Urdu Meaning and Examples

Idioms do not mean exactly what the words say, they always have a hidden meaning. How to use Idioms and Phrases a key to learn contain 700 Idioms and Phrases Dictionary With Their Urdu Meaning and Examples. These idioms used in everyday conversational English, with their Urdu meaning. Online reader gives you facility that all Idioms and Phrases are arranged by categories and A-Z. Every idiom and Phrases have Urdu meaning explanation and useful example.700 Idioms & Phrases Dictionary

I have created and compiled In Flip Pages, you can feel better during studying it instead of PDF or other sources. No need to install Adobe Reader, or any other application. Just scroll arrow keys or mouse pointer to select your desired content. Also next and back the pages.
Main Features:
1- Click Bookmark icon “Table of content” to quickly select your desired Alphabet for reading.
2- Select Enable Full screen button for Full screen mode.
3- With “Sound On” option you can on or off sound.
4- For automatic page flipping use “Auto Flip” option.
5- Compatible for all Microsoft windows xp, vista, windows 7 and 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

700 Idioms & Phrases Dictionary _01 700 Idioms & Phrases Dictionary _02 700 Idioms & Phrases Dictionary _03 700 Idioms & Phrases Dictionary _04 700 Idioms & Phrases Dictionary _05

Created in one file (Portable), so do not need to install. It is a complete book which has 128 Pages and size is 29 MB. If you like then share with others and leave comments. I request you to forward it to as Many People as you can and Pray for me. Download this Dictionary from below link, If you have any problem in downloading then tell me. Email me if you want in PDF formate.



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  6. Idioms ki bohat zarorat mujhay dosto

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