Revised Basic Pay Scales 2017 Calculator for Govt Employees Grade 01 to 22

Basic pay 2017 calculator final has been prepared by Mr. Mehmood Arshad Wattoo, PCO, PAEC, Islamabad. As per the budget announcement dated 26-05-2017 regarding the revised basic pay scales, he has updated the basic payment calculator to the exact values. Just fill the required values, you will automatically get the exact pay in new pay scales of 2017. This is a simple calculator for those employees who even not know about their pay fixation. It is also helpful for them on the basis of Revised Pay Scale 2017 chart. This calculator also helps to find the amount of 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017.

Some guidelines are as under:
i) Enter your Pay Scale and Current Basic Pay and Adhoc Relief 2010 in the respective Columns in Yellow.
ii) There is no need of any Password for the Basic pay calculator, only write in the yellow cells.
ii) Just Press the Enter key, iii) Just Press the Enter key, iv) Your New Exact Basic pay 2017 and 10% New Adhoc Relief 2017 and Actual Increase will be calculated
v) To Use this calculator on Android Phone, please install MS excel from Play store in the phone.

Online Revised Basic Pay Scales 2017 Calculator

Note: If your basic pay is under 30 stages, then leave blank Personal Pay column.


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9 Responses

  1. azam says:

    this calculator is not working sir

    my basic may pay 18940 BPS 11 what will be my new salary

  2. Nauman says:

    where is download link

  3. Khalid Khan says:

    It really an outstanding effort. But when I calculate my salary based on the criteria given here for calculation of annual increment and revised basic pay it just differ almost 20%. I hope the salary calculator is right. Thanks again for a brilliant idea and effort.

  4. mohammad akram says:

    sir 2017 k pay scale revised chart ap ny banaya hy

  5. Sheraz Akram says:

    What is Actual Gross Pay Increased? For me Adhoc 2017 is 2952 Rs. Then what is Actual Gross Pay Increased which is 4597 Rs. for me?

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