Revised Special Pay Scale (SPS) 2016 (With Adhoc-13, 14 and 15 Merged)

Revised Special Pay Scale (SPS) 2016 (With Adhoc-13, 14 and 15 Merged). These are applied in some federal government departments of Pakistan. Special Pay Scales are a different pay scale system than BPS. mostly, this type of pay scales is applied in defense and research organizations, e.g. PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), NESCOM, SUPARCO, KRL (Kahuta Research Laboratories) etc.Revised Special Pay Scale (SPS) 2016 _1

Below is the revision of the Special Pay Scale of the federal government-2016. Three Adhocs will be integrated with pay scales of 2016. Allowance for running basic pay will be allowed to all Federal Government Employees with effect from 1st July 2016. Below is the detail of all (SPS) Special Pay Scales from SPS-1 to SPS-14.

Special Pay Scales (SPS) Chart – 2016 (Final)


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see2Special Pay Scales (SPS) Chart-2016 Final

 Special Pay Scales (SPS) Chart – 2016 with Actual Increase (Final)

Special Pay Scales (SPS) Chart-2016 with Actual Increase Final

Special Pay Scales-2016
Approved by Ministry Of Finance Government Of Pakistan w.e.f 01-07-2016SPECIAL PAY SCALES 2016(01-07-2016)

seeDownload Printable Microsoft Excel Format: 

See New Revised (BPS) Basic Pay Scale Chart 2016 :   see    New Revised Basic Pay Scale Chart 2016


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71 Responses

  1. M. Rafique says:

    Sir, I want Govt. Employees incom tax slab 2016-17 if possible.
    I am waiting for your email. Thanks

  2. Muhammad Ayub says:

    Dear sir main BS-14 main hon is wakt mere basic pay 14290 rupees hai, sir kindly tell me mere total sallry kitni barhe gi with convey Allowance.

  3. New basic 17575/- oor izafa 1883/-

  4. imran says:

    Bps 17 in punjab total salary including All allowances how much

  5. Jamil raza says:

    Dear sir ,my basic pay is 31540/- in BPS-16.what will be the new stage after including all adhoc .

  6. Jamil Raza,
    Aap ki new basic will be expected 38740/- and actual increase 4000/-

  7. required current basic pay

  8. liaqat says:

    marer sps 4 m basic ha 24020 ab maree permotion ho gy sps 5 maree basic kia ho ge

  9. xyz says:

    AOA,SPS4 total salary?

  10. Muhammad Siddique says:

    A-o-A Sir i am Govt employe of Bps 19 my basic pay after 2016 pay scale revised is much my pay is increase actually?
    And what is this for mean actual pay increase?

  11. I want a SPS scale chart 2016 after introducing new pay scale 2016 on my e.mail address i.e.
    With best regards, Muhammad Ilyas Malik, Senior Library Assistant, National Library of Physical Sciences, Islamabad.

  12. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Thanks. Sir i also want to know about my pension. i am going to retire in 31 Aug 2018. my current basic pay is 100568 Bps(19).

  13. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Dear farooq sahib,
    let me the answer of my question i.e. is a retired person can apply directly for the reimbursement of fee or he has to apply through his parent department from which he retired. This is reminder comment.

  14. Ahsan says:

    Sir mara scle bps 4 han or pahly mari basic 6730 thi or totat 13244
    0r ab basic 8280 or total 14077 ha sir ma ya pochna cha raha hu kiya humary idary na ya thik salry barhai ha ya nai qk humara convance allows hous rent medical allow kasi bi allows ma afaza nai kiya gaya kiya ya thik ha kindly infrom me

  15. Ahsan says:

    Sir mara scle bps 4 han or pahly mari basic 6730 thi or totat 13244
    0r ab basic 8280 or total 14077 ha sir ma ya pochna cha raha hu kiya humary idary na ya thik salry barhai ha ya nai qk humara convance allows hous rent medical allow kasi bi allows ma afaza nai kiya gaya kiya ya thik ha kindly infrom me?

  16. johar Shah says:

    Sir ,

    i have read SPS scale chart 2016 . but i would like to know about the total Pay of SPS 4 ? after including all the allowances .. i am waiting for your prompt response. Thanks a lot.


  17. tauqeer says:

    sir .. Sps1 ky allownces kya kya aur kitny hoty hen

  18. tahir says:

    sps 4 salary after budget…plz

  19. Javed says:

    Sir, I have basic pay under SPS-08 of about 26590 according to 2015 SPS pay scale.. After revised pay scale of 2016, what will be my salary.. Will my basic pay will be increased to 32710 which is SPS-08 basic pay according to 2016 pay scales?


  20. Faisal says:


    Dear sir, i want to ask few questions

    1) From which data the revised SPS scales will become effective for PAEC employees?

    2) Would it be effective for employees starting job from December 2016 with one year probation period (till 2017) and then permanent status in PAEC ?

    3) How many allowances are there in SPS? and they account for how much percent of basic pay?

    4) Please also mention which allowances depend upon posting city? (big city etc) and how much is the difference between big city and other cities allowances in SPS

    I would appreciate your kind reply


    • Faisal,
      Forward your question to expert, wait for reply.

    • arshad wattoo says:

      faisal sahib apka sawal kis scale aur kis post ky motaliq hy

      general tor per paeac main ye allowances hain

      NCA services allowa 30% of initial basic pay scale sps-2011
      special technical allowance 30% of basic pay scale sps-2008 only for technical employees
      medical allowance 20% of basic pay scale sps-2008
      house rent allowance 45% of basic pay scale sps-2008
      is k elawa post k motabiq kutch izafi allowances bhi hain

  21. Rehan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been appointed as “Telecom Operator” (SPS-3) in KRL on Contract…
    Would you please tell me, What will be the total starting salary including all allowances???

  22. sadia says:

    sir plaz i want to know sps4 total monthly salary including all allowances

  23. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Me ny civil me apply kiya hy is ki starting salary kya hy please inform me

    • Muhammad Nadeem
      (Sps-4) ki starts basic 17640/- adhoc-2016 is 1772= 19412, other allowances (House rent, conveyance etc.) are not included, these are according to your job or company.

      • Muhammad Nadeem says:

        Itnee kaam salary me ny apply kiya hy sir 17th October last date the tach-1 (sps-)in civil technology or ek cheez sir is ky scale ka kya hesssab hy

  24. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Or is pay me a azafaaa kis hesssab sy karty hain monthly ya year base py

  25. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Mera department civil hy is ky bary me bata dain kya hesssab ho ga kitne salary or azafaaa kaisy ho gaa

  26. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Hello sir please inform me

  27. Abdul Hameed says:

    Basic pay= 17,640, SPS-4. kindly tell me how much will be my salary after adding all allowances .

  28. Rafique says:

    Salam sir I would like to ask wwhat is difference between sps and bps.

    • Rafique,
      بی پی ایس ، بیسک پے سکیل ہیں جو پورے پاکستان میں سرکاری محمکوں میں رائج ہیں۔ گورنمنٹ سیکٹر میں کچھ سپیشل ادارے ہیں، جیسے سائنس اینڈ ٹیکنالوجی کے ادارے، یا ٹیکنیکل ادارے جس میں سائنس دانی یا انجینئرنگ کا کام ہوتا ہے۔ صٹریجک پلاننگ کے ادارے، میزائل سازی ، ایٹمک ادارے جن کو گورنمنٹ سپیشل پیکج دے رہی ہے ان اداروں کے سپیشل پے سکیل ہوتے ہیں جو عام بی پی ایس سے تین گنا یا دو گنا زیادہ ہیں اس اسپیشلسٹی کی وجہ سے ان پے سکیلز کو سپیشل پے سکیل کہتے ہیں۔

  29. Liaqat Ali says:

    sir what is meant by stages i.e in salary slab it is mentioned from stage # 1 to stage 30 please reply and at final stage for sps 4 the salary is 50190 and at stage 1 it is 17640 please explain it

  30. arshad wattoo says:

    dear Liaqat Ali

    ye stage asal main apki salana increments hoti hain jab ap bharti hotay hain tu stage 0 sy shuru hotay hain sal bad increment lagti hy tu stage one ke basic per chalay jaty hain phir aglay sal increment milti hy tu stage 2 par chalay jaty hian ye her sclae ki first to last stages asala main increment hoti hain jo apki basic pay main her sal jama ho kr aglay stage ki basic pay bnati hain… ager aik hi scale main promotion na ho tu app is tarha akhri stage tak increment letay rahain gy ……… jesy akhri stage 30 hy tu goya aap promotion na hony ke waja sy 30 sal tak is tarha increment lety rahain gay promotion ho jay tu aglay stage ke next above + pre mature increment ley kar matloba stage per fix ho jaty hain aur phir ye silsila her sal increment milti rehti hain

  31. Ahsan says:

    Asalam.o.alikom faroq Sab kasy ha aap

  32. waqas says:

    sir mane sps4 ma joining di ha 2017 ma kya 2010 k adhoc mare pay k sath add hon gy?

  33. Muzammil Ahmed says:

    Sir Farooq what would be the benefits in PAEC jobs , i mean house , pension etc any idea ??

  34. Yousaf Raza says:

    Basic 23569
    What will be gross salery( including all allowances ) at first joining

  35. Shahzad says:

    A.A dear Sir Plz tell me. SPS 03 ka STA or NCA Allownc kitna hai???

  36. Yousaf Raza says:

    Dear Muhammad Farooq sb,
    Your website is more informative than any other. Is there any article or web which describe the allowances of SPS joining in 2017? If exists Please give link.

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