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The Most Advanced Smart Lock For Your Home Control With Multi Devices

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Using Goji Smart Lock you can control the lock through the app on your phone and no need keys in your pocket. It is very versatile and you can even use the app to grant access to other people to your house on certain days and set up schedules. The lock also takes pictures of visitors and sends real time alerts to you. It is controlled by your mobile phone, electronic Bluetooth fobs, similar to a car’s remote.Goji Smart Lock

Main Features:
1- Enables you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world.

2- If your mobile app enables then your door unlock automatically.

3- Works with leading smart phones like iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Experia, Nexus 4 and 5, HTC One and HTC One Max.

4- Simple to install yourself with simple steps instructions on your smartphone.

5- Compatible with most wood and metal doors that use deadbolts.

6- All lock activity is recorded and you can be easily reviewed using the Goji mobile app.

7- Cancelling your phone access is easy, fast and secure, when you lose or misplace your phone.
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