Nowadays the demand for mobile computing is so big, and a lot of people use internet through Smartphone. have a good mobile analyzer and an emulator. This is a great website for testing websites on various mobile and tablet devices. If you want to test your website in your desired Smartphone or tablet, simply registered this site via your email address and login.Test your mobile sites

1. Select a device first to do that, click on the “Select device” option. It’s on the top left, next to “Menu”, Your favorite devices will appear here.Test your mobile sites (2)

2. Explore devices by using the arrows on the left and right side to browse through them. When you find a device you like, just click it to get started.Test your mobile sites (3)

3. Type a website that you want to test and hit enter.[adsense]Test your mobile sites (4)

4. Now you have done everything right, you should be running your first test right now.Test your mobile sites (5)

Go to and login with your password and inter website and check your desired website.



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