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Share Your Wedding Photos And Personal Images On Facebook Highly Secrecy

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Sharing photos on Facebook is a normal thing. But we have on Facebook relatives and friend, also there are unknown people. We do not want other people to see our pictures, or relative’s wedding photos taken to reach unnecessary people. So personal images share to Facebook is an important issue. It requires highly secrecy. The solution in this application is “secret. li”.

Important Features:secret_li

1- After creating a photo using this mobile application you can share with a few specific Facebook people, instead of all of your friends.
2- Its most important feature is the time limit. The images will appear a few special people, and only time you will see fixed. Then will be automatically deleted.
3- You can make also security filters. Make a picture from the camera, Select a filter and share photo on Facebook without any tension.
4- Using secret. Li In fact the image being uploaded to Facebook is encrypted. So only the people cannot see your picture, which you allow. It seems like other people like the image to spot.

secret_li (2)

Download from the App Store or its official website:

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