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Make Smartphone Your Personal Therapist and Doctor

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If you want an application to tell your personal doctor, the Pakistani application “PharmaPedia” is available. The most important thing in this application is to do offline work, namely that you just need to install it to get any information. There is a great source of information about medicines available in Pakistan. For example, which amount of medication should be taken, what is the cost of medicine, where the medicine is available, or what may be the alternative medicine.Your Personal DoctorWhen designing the application is made, it is made very elegant and efficient. While it is also very helpful in finding any medicine related to medicine, which can automatically show the full name of the drug after writing a few words. Since this application is made by the Pakistani company, so it can be very useful for us.


  • Built-in intelligent search.
  • Find alternate brands.
  • Bookmark any drug or brand.
  • Available brands for every generic drug.
  • Prices and much more.

A bit of research relating to any medicine can provide you with more information. Users using this application have rated it most of the five stars. And this application regarding medical is also included in the top-ten applications, which you can estimate its excellence.  Download this mobile application from here

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