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First Time Introduced Hadith Software With Urdu And Arabic Search

By  | has introduced first time complete software in Urdu,Arabic search engine. You can search your desired Hadith with only a few clicks. Any single word of Hadith in your mind that this word has come to a Hadith, or you want to see that how to appear complete Hadith, and Hadith,s words that you said you want by clicking on the word will reach. Best viewed at 1024 x 768 or above. Recommended to install Internet Explorer 8 or above for best view and fast search.First-Hadith-Software-With-Urdu-And-Arabic-Search-

Available Urdu and Arabic Search Hadith Books Softwares Free:

1- Sunan Abu Dawood
2- Sahih Bukhari
3- Bulughul Maram
4- Mukhtasar Sahih Bukhari
5- Mukhtasar Sahih Muslim

Software Screen Shot


Hadith Search Guidelines.

  • First download and install Urdu and Arabic fonts on your computer from this website.
  • Search alphabetically according to your keyword, click the first alphabet.
  • All the words starting with the letters that came on these words will see the list and the click the keyword search.
  • Now you will appear in front of all parts of the Hadith which has your keyword, the results have more than one word, then you will see the same results as what the word how has.
  • Many common words are not included in this search, e.g., was, were, was, the, and, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the.
  • A text of Hadith on search the narrators of the Hadith will include in the text.

Download free from

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