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Download Portable Oxford English To English Dictionary 11th Edition

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Oxford English Dictionary is a best-selling dictionary in the world and its new edition provides an authoritative description of the English language. With instant access to over 240,000 words, phrases, and definitions, this program is ideal for any one needing an up-to-date dictionary of current English on their PC for study, work or your home. Containing meanings from street slang to scientific technology, this electronic dictionary will speed up your access to the English language. Support all Microsoft windows Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7 and Window 8. It is portable version and no need for installation. Just run the “coed11.exe”Oxford-Dictionary-11-Edition-Porttable

Main Key Features:

New Oxford Dictionary 11th Edition covers current English from around the world and archaic terms, as well as scientific and technical vocabulary.
Added text and advanced search features and thousands of new words from Oxford’s  words research.
Hundreds of extra notes offering advice on grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage and interactive word games providing hours of learning and fun. Download Portable Oxford English to English Dictionary 11th Edition( Size 7 MB). If you like this article and found it useful then please recommend it or share it on Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter and comment below. Any Suggestions and Tips would be very useful for making this website more better.

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    this is one of the best software i ever download… all links are working on your site 🙂

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