Data transfer, is a small thing for us today. The smartphone is very important for us. There is significant data that are everything for us. Since we reserve the many important files so. When it comes to data transfer, backup or smartphone, then there are several ways in this regard. For example, some people move it own data via the USB cable to PC, some SD cards and some cloud storage. Use this app to connect your phone with PC or MAC without any cable, or internet.

Daemon Sync:
If you want to backup your phone data transfer the data to the PC, so it is for “Daemon Sync” program. This would help you in your phone’s data without a cable, you can transfer to PC. Moreover, this support work can be seen in the files on the phone. The best thing about this program is that it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The desktop program is also available for Mac and Windows.[adsense]

How to Use:
It is necessary to use that phone and PC on the same network. It works via a local network, so it is not necessarily the Internet. This app will help you get there you find yourself on the desktop as a server on your network and security services will be able to connect.

How to Download:
The applications for using it in the smartphone app that will have to install the server program on the desktop. The app you’ll find the Google Play Store. The server program you can download from this Web site:



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