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Complete List of Run Dialog Commands to Access Windows System Utilities

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We are all familiar with the Run dialog box and its use. In most computer tips, it is used to launch the Registry Editor. Let us tell new readers that this dialog box displays when the Run Select from the Start Menu to go to the Run dialog box. The desired system utility or software, can be launched directly by typing the command in its text field. For example, to launch registry editor, Running dialog box is sufficient enough to write regedit and then press enter.Complete List of Run Dialog Commands

Bellow is the interesting and useful commands of the run

Sr#Desired System UtilityCommands
01.For Accessibility Controlsaccess.cpl
02.For Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz.cpl
03.For Add / Remove Programsappwiz.cpl
04.For Administrative Toolscontrol admintools
05.For Automatic Updateswuaucpl.cpl
06.To launch the Blue Tooth Wizardfsquirt
07.For Calculatorcalc
08.For Certificate Managercertmgr.msc
09.see the character mapcharmap
10.Check Disk utility to launchchkdsk
11.Clipboard for clipboardclipbrd
12.To go to the DOS scriptcmd
13.For computing servicesdcomcnfg
14.For computer managementcompmgmt.msc
15.To take properties of date and timetimedate.cpl
16.Device Manager to Launchdevmgmt.msc
17.To launch the Direct X Control Panel (if installeddirectx.cpl
18.For the Directx Turbo Shooter (if installed)dxdiag
19.Disk Cleanup Utility forcleanmgr
20.To run disk de-ferginatordfrg.msc
21.Disk Management utility to launchdiskmgmt.msc
22.Disk Partition Manager to launchdiskpart
23.To display / desktop propertiescontrol desktop or desk.cpl
24.If the Appearance tab in Display Properties is already displayed in a selected conditioncontrol color
25.Dr Watson System For Turbo Shooting Utilitydrwtsn32
26.For Driver verifier Utilityverifier
27.Event event foreventvwr.msc
28.File Signature for Vegetation Toolsigverif
29.For folder propertiescontrol folders
30.Fonts to view foldercontrol fonts
31.Game Launcher Launchjoy.cpl
32.To launch the Iexpress wizardiexpress
33.To launch the indexing serviceciadv.msc
34.To get Internet Propertiesinetcpl.cpl
35.To see IP Configuration on the Networkipconfig / all
36.To see DNS cache contentipconfig / displaydns
37.DNS to deliberate cache clientsipconfig / flushdns
38.To release all connections in IP Configurationipconfig / release
39.To connect all connections in IP Configurationipconfig / renew
40.For Java Control Panel (if installed)jpicpl32.cpl or javaws
41.For Keyboard Propertiescontrol keyboard
42.For local security settingssecpol.msc
43.For local users and groupslusrmgr.msc
44.Logout to Windowslogoff
45.For micro software chatwinchat
46.For Minesweeperwinmine
47.To take the properties of the mousecontrol mouse or main.cpl
48.To see network connectionscontrol netconnections or ncpa.cpl
49.For Network Setup Wizardnetsetup.cpl
50.Notepad fornotepad
51.For ODBC data source administrationodbccp32.cpl
52.To launch on-screen keyboardosk
53.To get password propertiespassword.cpl
54.Performing to Lanch the Monitorperfmon.msc or perfmon
55.For phone and modem optionstelephon.cpl
56.For Power Configurationpowercfg.cpl
67.For printer and faxcontrol printers
58.To open Printers folderprinters
59.For Private Creditor Editoreudcedit
60.For QuickTime (if installed)QuickTime.cpl
61.For Regional Settingsintl.cpl
62.For Registrar Editorregedit or regedit32
63.For remote desktopmstsc
64.For removable storagentmsmgr.msc
65.Removable Storage Operator for Recyistntmsoprq.msc
66.For scanners and camerassticpl.cpl
67.For Schedule Taskscontrol schedtasks
68.For the Security Centerwscui.cpl
69.For servicesservices.msc
70.To view shared foldersfsmgmt.msc
71.To shut down the Windowsshutdown
72.For sounds and audiommsys.cpl
73.For SQL Client Configurationcliconfg
74.For System Configuration Editorsysedit
75.System Configuration Utilitymsconfig
76.To scan files quicksfc / scannow
77.Next time to process system bootsfc / scanonce
78.Every time the system is scanned to scansfc /scanboot
79.For File cache emptysfc / purgecache
80.To set the size of the cache to x sizesfc /cachesize=x
81.To revert the system file checker to default settingssfc / revert
82.To get system propertiessysdm.cpl
83.To launch task managertaskmgr
84.Tel Net Clienttelnet
85.User Launch Management To Launchnusrmgr.cpl
86.Utility manager to launchutilman
87.To view firewallfirewall.cpl
88.To launch Windows Magnifier Firemagnify
89.To go to Windows Management Infrastructurewmimgmt.msc
90.To launch the Windows System Security toolsyskey
91.To launch Windows Update Managerwupdmgr
92.For Windows XP Tour Wizardtourstart
93.To launch the Word Padwrite

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