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Beware Of Facebook Color Changer Virus And Also Tell Your Friends

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In the past, Facebook has become the target of a dangerous Malware. Nowadays, the Facebook color changer, a virus has attacked Facebook users. It seems a perfect application, which is claimed to change the Facebook timeline color. But in fact, this is redirected to malware website. If you look on Facebook desktop It transmits on a video website it is advised to install the plugin to see the video, that is actually malware. While the user is using android, It gives a link to a download for Facebook to change the color, It is Malware.Beware Of Facebook Color Changer

If you see a post about the color changer on the timeline of your friend, do not try to click it or try. And if you’ve already become a victim of it, you should change your Facebook password immediately.

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After changing the password, it is necessary to remove the application from your account. For this, click Apps in the settings. Here’s a list of all applications will be of your use, the Facebook color changer is present here, please delete it by clicking on the cross.

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