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A Small Free Tool That Will Lock Your Selected Drive With A Simple Click

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Protect your important data from others on shared computer is a difficult task. For this purpose we hide files, or make the passwords. Although this method is useful, but a whole partition out of reach for others is far more interesting. Part locker is a small free tool available, which you can lock the hard disk partition. This program is extremely easy to use.


How To Use Partlocker:Portable PartLocker

1- To lock the partition by selecting it through to “lock” button, Similarly, there is a button to “unlock” the partition.
2- Using this program, no need is complicated settings or to set a password does not need to remember it .
3-  Part locker  can be used with all Microsoft Windows versions, and it is a portable application, so no need to install it.
4- Keep in mind that after a partition lock is neither open, nor can you save a file. Always you can see an error until you do not unlock manually.

Portable PartLocker (2) Download free from Portable PartLocker and enjoy using this useful utility.

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