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50 Most Popular Online Shopping Centers in Pakistan 2018

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Online shopping has bundle of advantages, like In order to purchase the right thing. You do not have to bypass dozens of shopping centers in search of that specific bike or pair of boots. Enough to drive in the relevant query in the search engine and find the necessary online store. Purchases can be made at any time, as such stores work around the clock. Buying something from them, you can save at least two hours, which would be spent on a trip to the shopping center.Online Shopping Centers

In addition, for the maximum convenience of users on the websites of online stores. There is often a search for a number of parameters, from the size and color of the goods to information about the producing country and the warranty period. Which also saves time. Many stores, inspect your requests, offer similar things that may be of interest to the buyer. Bellow is the list of the fifty most popular online shopping centers in Pakistan 2018.

50 Most Popular Online Shopping Centers in Pakistan:

01-Daraz.pk1- Darazwww.daraz.pkAlmost Everything.
02-Pakwheels.com1- Darazwww.pakwheels.comAuto spare Parts
03-Homeshopping.pk1- Darazwww.homeshopping.pkElectronic, Home Appliances etc.
04-Goto.com.pk1- Darazwww.goto.com.pkAlmost Everything.
05-ishopping.pk1- Darazwww.ishopping.pkAlmost Everything.
06- Mega.pk 1- Darazwww.mega.pkElectronics
07-Symbios.pk:1- Darazwww.symbios.pk
Almost Everything.
08-Shophive.com:1- Darazwww.shophive.comAlmost Everything.
09-Czone.com.pk:1- Darazwww.czone.com.pkComputer, Laptop
10-Yayvo.com1- Darazwww.yayvo.comAlmost Everything.
11-Utopia.pk1- Darazwww.utopia.pkAlmost Everything.
12-Telemart.pk: 1- Darazwww.telemart.pkElectronics
13-Sehgalmotors.pk 1- Darazwww.sehgalmotors.pkAuto spare Parts
14-Shoprex.com1- Darazwww.shoprex.comWomen Fashion
15-Laptab.com.pk1- Darazwww.laptab.com.pkElectronics
16-Savers.pk1- Darazwww.savers.pkAlmost Everything.
17-Cheezmall.com1- Darazwww.cheezmall.comAlmost Everything.
18-Ezbuy.com1- Darazwww.pk.ezbuy.comAlmost Everything.
19-Clicky.pkClickywww.clicky.pkFashion, Home appliance
20-Techcity.pk1- Darazwww.techcity.pkElectronics, Fashion
21-Pakstyle.pk1- Darazwww.pakstyle.pkFashion
22-Thewarehouse.pk1- Darazwww.thewarehouse.pkFashion
23-Buyon.pk1- Darazwww.buyon.pkAlmost Everything
24-Dikhawa.pk1- Darazwww.dikhawa.pkFashion
25-Lootlo.pk1- Darazwww.lootlo.pkAlmost Everything
26-Allmytech.pk1- Darazwww.allmytech.pkElectronics
27-Hummart.com1- Darazwww.hummart.comGrocery, Foods
28-Vmart.pk 1- Darazwww.vmart.pkElectronics
29-Arysahulatbazar.pk1- Darazwww.arysahulatbazar.pkAlmost Everything
30-Nightynight.pk 1- Darazwww.nightynight.pkAll Women Products
31-24hours.pk1- Darazwww.24hours.pkAlmost Everything
32-Well.pk1- Darazwww.well.pkAlmost Everything
33-Eleven.pk1- Darazwww.eleven.pkElectronics, Fashion
34-Warda.com.pk1- Daraz
www.warda.com.pkWomen Dress and Footware
35-Selly.pk1- Darazwww.selly.pkGrocery, Food
36-Hiffey.com 1- Darazwww.hiffey.comFashion
37-Tejar.pk1- Darazwww.tejar.pkAlmost Everything
38-Bnbaccessories.com1- Darazwww.bnbaccessories.comFashion
39-Tajori.pk1- Darazwww.tajori.pkAlmost Everything
40-W11stop.com 1- Darazwww.w11stop.comElectronics
41-Emarket.com.pk1- Darazwww.emarket.com.pkAlmost Everything
42-Just4girls.pk1- Darazwww.just4girls.pkWomen Accessories
43-Bytes.pk1- Darazwww.bytes.pkAlmost Everything
44-Esajee.com1- Darazwww.esajee.comAlmost Everything
45-Khasstores.com1- Darazwww.khasstores.comHome Appliance, Fashion
46-Homeappliances.pk1- Darazwww.homeappliances.pkHome Appliances
47-Mygerrys.com1- Darazwww.mygerrys.comFashion, Electronics etc
48-Payless.pk1- Darazwww.payless.pkAlmost Everything
49-Tesoro.pk48- Tesorowww.tesoro.pkWomen Bazar
50-Buydsell.com1- Darazwww.buydsell.comAlmost Everything
51-Buhatala.com1- Darazwww.buhatala.comAlmost Everything

All above online shopping websites, raking are on web search based and my own product purchasing experience. Please inform me if you have found another good website for this category. I will update this list immediately.

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