Xus Innovation Can Give You A Different Look To Your PC Desktop

There are Three useful and best PC applications, can give different and marvelous look to your computer desktop. I personally use these applications for a long time and very impress to its works. All these programs are shareware. So you can download trial version and if you like any one, then buy for permanent use. Supported all Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7.0, 2008 and Windows 8.0 (32bit & 64bit).


XUS PC Lock: XUS PC Lock is a fun way for you to lock and safe your computer from others. Before using XUS PC Lock you have to define your lock pattern. For more detail and download trial from www.xussoft.com/xuspclock

XUS Desktop: XUS Desktop is a powerful launcher for your Windows system. It offers a fast & flexible way to launch your frequent programs. For more detail and download trial from www.xussoft.com/xusdesktop

XUS Clock: XUS Clock is a powerful & colorful alarm clock with an innovative clock face. The clock color, size are totally customizable as you wish. For more detail and download Free Edition from hwww.xussoft.com/xusclock

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