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Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time Without Using Any Software

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Lot of Computers take much longer than they should to boot up Windows. They waste time loading programs you do not need at windows startup. You can switch off most such programs, known as startup services, with little risk. By doing so, you’ll shave precious seconds off your boot time, and you can always manually launch the programs if you want to use them later.Speed Up Your Computer

If you want to shut down unnecessary startup service. Press the Windows key, type Run, and then press Enter. In the resulting command box type msconfig to launch the System Configuration utility, then open the Service tab. Here you’ll see a list of all the programs that start up with windows.

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For your computer safety, enable to select the option “Hide all Microsoft services” before you make any other changes. Now disable every utility that doesn’t need to automatically start when you switch on the PC.

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