Revised Special Pay Scales 2017 Calculator for PAEC, NESCOM, SUPARCO and KRL Employees

Special pay Scales 2017 calculator final has been prepared by Mr. Mehmood Arshad Wattoo, PCO, PAEC, Islamabad. As per the budget announcement dated 26-05-2017 regarding the revised Special pay scales, he has updated the basic payment calculator to the exact values. Just fill the required values, you will automatically get the exact pay in new pay scales of 2017. This is a simple calculator for those employees who even not know about their pay fixation.

It is also helpful for them on the basis of Revised Pay Scale 2017 chart. This calculator also helps to find the amount of 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017.

Some guidelines are as under:
i) Enter your Pay Scale and Current Basic Pay and Adhoc Relief 2010 in the respective Columns in Yellow.
ii) There is no need of any Password for the Basic pay calculator, only write in the yellow cells.
ii) Just Press the Enter key, iii) Just Press the Enter key, iv) Your New Exact Basic pay 2017 and 10% New Adhoc Relief 2017 and Actual Increase will be calculated
v) To Use this calculator on Android Phone, please install MS excel from Play store in the phone.

Online Revised Special Pay Scales 2017 Calculator:

Note: If your basic pay is under 30 stages, then leave blank Personal Pay column.

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37 Responses

  1. Mudassar says:

    SPS 2017 chart and Calculator for Revised SPS 2017 is not accurate. There is a big difference between SPS calculator and SPS chart uploaded on

  2. Arshad Mehmood wattoo says:

    mudassar sahib lagta hy apko roza laga hoa hy aur koi bat nahi calculator aur chart ke her value ko check kr ky calculator ko upload kia gia hy……. ap shaid iniput main ghalti kar rahay hon gy ….. scale ghalat dia ho ga ya phir value ghalat di ho gi…
    dosri bat ye k kisi ny khaab main bhi bps ki basics itni dekhi hon g jo sps calculator bps ke value show kary.

    scale chart calculator sy mutasil hy……….
    ap apni history file clean karain may bhi ye problem na ho……. apky is comments ky bad bhi calculator aur chart ke pori tarha janch partal ke gai hy

  3. Amjad Chishty says:

    Actual increase main SE adhoc-10 ko minus kar k Jo bachay ga wahi actual izafa ho ga salary main.

  4. Asim Javed says:

    Aslamualaikum brother,
    As per the news from JUNG and Express news, 20% increase in salary has been approved. Kindly share with us the new updated pay scales now.

  5. waheed says:

    basic pay calculator kaisy install krn

  6. waheed,
    Download or Install ki zarorat nahi, Online use karain Calculator ke ooper Example dia hym us ko follow karain.

  7. waheed says:

    Merit b 14 mn 20560 ab 2017 mn kitni fix ho ge

  8. Naved says:

    Dear sir assalam o alaikum
    I could nit understand that hiw the gross increase at my stage is around 24000 rupees.
    I am in sps 10 and as per sps scale 2016 my basis is 73780 rupees. Can u please kindly comment?

    • From Arshad Mehmood wattoo June 3, 2017 at 5:36 pm

      • Naved says:

        Assalam o alaikum sir,
        Meri mojooda basic 73780 hai aur mera 2010 adhoc ~ 10900 hai.
        Waiting for your kind response.

        • Brother use this calculator to check your new pay:

          • Naved says:

            Assalam o alaikum sir,
            I have calculated as per your instructions, the actual increase comes out to be 13116 rupees. But even this amount looks to be illogical.
            Can you or Mr. Wattoo kindly comment on it?
            Thanking in advance for kind cooperation.

          • Mudassar says:

            Mr. Naveed you Gross increase in Salary is around Rs. 13000 and its logical..

  9. Naved says:

    Mr. Mudassar thanx a lot for the answer. But my confusion lies in the fact that the difference between the giveen basic at my stage is more than one invrement if i compare it to the basic given at my stage. So it looks to be confusing.
    Can you comment Mr. Mudassar?

    • Mudassar says:

      Your Basic pay is at stage 7 of SPS 10 which is Rs. 73780 in 2016 scales and expected Basic pay at 7th stage in 2017 scales Will be Rs. 88905. After July one you will start getting Rs. 88905/- instead of previous basic 73780 and adhoc 10 Rs. 10900/- So there is a net benefit of this merger Rs. 4225/- (88905-73780-10900), and new adhoc 17 Rs. 8891/- so total Gross Increase is (4225+8891)=13116

      • Naved says:

        Dear brother assalam o alaikum
        Thnx a lot for clarification. Can you comment on constant attendant allowance which has been increased from 3000 rupees to 7000 rupees. Is this PSS which is given in SPS Scales?

  10. Naved says:

    Mudaasar sb i wanted to say that if i add my current basic and 2010 adhoc. And then i subtract from the given basic at my stage this sum.., the difference results more than the annual increment given for 2017 scales. So its confusing.

  11. Naved says:

    Assalam o alaikum to all.
    Can someone comment on CONSTANT ATTENDANT ALLOWANCE? Is it that PSS given in SPS scales?

  12. Muhammad Atif says:

    Farooq Sb

    Our pay scales are different than the SPS of PAEC.
    When i put the value of my basic pay it gives me error
    What should i do

  13. waqas says:

    AOA Sir…
    MRI basic pay 8590 hai bps 5 hai mra …adhoc 2010 ka 1670 hai or total salary mri 18130 hai ab budget ky bd mri total salary kitne bne gi or joining mri 29_7/2016 ko howi plzzzz tell me

  14. sajid amin says:

    if a person is newly appointed after 1st july 2017 in SPS-9 what will be his salary?

  15. Muhammad saleem says:

    Sir army walon Ki kitny pay increase hui hai

  16. nadeem says:

    sir kindly ye bta dein k Personal Pay(if Drawn) mein kya likhein ge

  17. Ahmed Ali Kumbhar says:

    Sir Farooq Sb Calculator kam nh kr raha?

  18. Asif says:

    Assalamualaikum dear sir please let me know that Sps 04 basic salary how much now in new appointment of December 2017

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