Report Fraudulent, Threatening Calls, SMS and Other Cyber Crimes

In our country phishing is still peak through phone calls and messages, etc. It’s not just about counterfeiting, but a small thing intimidate others by calls from unknown numbers. Remember that if you will not complain of such measures, it will continue regularly. So must immediately complain in case of any accident to litigation against them. Today I will tell you, how to lodge complaint against fake calls and messages. If you think it is beneficial then share to others.It is very simple, for this you have not need to fill a wide variety of long form by going online, Just one call and you can lodge a complaint. In this regard say that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the amount of any award tempted to tell incoming calls or messages from unknown numbers does not pay anyone and don’t give out their credit card or bank details.

How to Report Fraudulent, Threatening Calls, SMS and Other Cyber Crimes:

  • Submit your cyber crime complaint in Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), contact 9911 or 111-345-786. If you’ve got a threatening message, write the message in the message sender’s number space for it and send it to 9000. Your complaint will be reviewed.
  • If you’re getting many more promotional messages, call your mobile operator to get rid of them and asked them to close their advertising messages.
  • If this does not work, then send an SMS to 3627 by writing REG.
  • This way you will be registered in the “Do Not Call Register”(DNCR), and it will stop receiving promotional messages.
  • When your mobile operator may resolve the problem you can disable this service to send 3627 Text UNREG.

In addition you can also visit their website for complaints: and

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