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Open universities and online learning in Asia

The Open University (OU) is the methods of teaching, learning and continual support can go a long way to overcome these problems so that you can gain undergraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees. The way...

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How can use blacked-out Wikipedia

Today is the most popular destinations on the Internet is Blackout of Wikipedia. Main cause of this strike is protesting against SOPA and PIPA. Wikipedia blacked out to protest certain pending U.S. legislation regarding...

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Watch free online British TV channels

British TV is a fantastic little application works like an unbelievable 70 online British TV channels. British TV work with VLC media player. So first you download and  installed to it default location on...

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Microsoft’s History (1975 to 2012)

Microsoft Corporation is a Worldwide computer technology corporation in the world. They develop, manufactures and supports a vast range of software products for computing devices. Microsoft’s headquarter is in Redmond, Washington USA. Microsoft Windows...

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Nokia’s launch Lumia 900 in USA soon

Nokia’s launch Lumia 900 in USA soon according to a Nokia Developer Website. Nokia is betting heavily on Windows Phone to shore up its market share. This is likely to be the next High-End...

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Top Five Search Engines On The Earth

Everyone always looking for stuff to browse just trying to find some good sites. For many people, searching the web is synonymous with using a search engine. Search engines are similar to your online...

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Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional has died

Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional(MCP) Arfa Karim went into coma on November 22, who was being treated in CMH Hospital Lahore and on January 14-1- 2012, 16-years old Arfa Karim has died. Defiantly it is... - custom dissertation writing service for all students