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Multi Functional And Colorful Voice Desktop Clock For Your Windows

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Voice Desktop Clock is a nest generation multifunctional, different styles of clock frame and color. You can easy configure the font color, font size and font style used to display text. The main features include Time Voice Preview (male or female), Daily Planner, Shutdown Pc or Log OFF from Windows at a per-defined time, Countdown to the Future Date, Changeable clock hands and frame, Pc Work Time since system start-up and RSS feeds Reader with Timer.

Colorful Voice Desktop Clock

Main Features:

1- Desktop Clock Time voice announcement.
2- Set Desktop Clock countdown timer to shutdown Pc or Log off.
3- Desktop Clock Visual effect and Chime on the hour.
4- Countdown Timer, Current Digital Time, Time to Shutdown.
5- Desktop Clock Frame, Desktop Clock Style, background, digits.

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