Make Your Career Brighter With The First Paint Manufacturing Company In Pakistan

Happilac becomes the first Pakistani Paint manufacturing company with a product line including all categories such as Decorative, Texture, Industrial, Road Marking and Protective Paints. Company established in 1978 named Karss paint Industries. In 2004 the Industry brings about a launch of Texture Technology Paints by Happilac. Its main products are Happilac Synthetic Enamel and Happilac Wall Emulsion. In 2011 Happilac introduces the first fully automatic Road Marking machine in Routine Safety. Its aim is to retain there position as one of the most efficient mainstream paint manufacturers in Pakistan and the wider world.


Contact For Job and Career:

Happilac Paints Head Office

West Canal Road, Pipon wala Pul,
Ph: (92-41) 8710455, 8501212

Karss Paint Industries (PVT) LTD

Millat Road, Faisalabad 38050 Pakistan
Ph: (92-41) 8861673, 8783444, 8581929 Fax: (92-41) 8780038
UAN: (92-41) 111-00-1978

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