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Make Bootable USB Drive For Any OS Without Using Software

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Many ways to create a bootable USB drive but most of them require copying files manually and need applications. If you are planning to make bootable USB to install Windows XP, windows 7 or Vista without any third party software then windows command method is very easy if you follow the below mentioned steps. Important things, remember that all commands must be entered without punctuation’s

Follow below ten simple steps:

  1. windows-command-methodPlug-in USB Drive into computer, find and right-click the windows command prompt in your Start Menu and choose to run it as an Administrator.
  2. Then enter “diskpart” to launch Microsoft’s disk management utility. The command lines should now read DISKPART>.
  3. Type “list disk” to show a list of all disk drives. If your USB key is plugged into your PC, it should be listed here and other physical drives. Importance, the USB key’s disk number, you can pick it out by looking at the disk capacity.
  4. Type **”select disk #”, with the USB key’s disk number in place of #.
  5. Type “clean” for the utility to clean the disk, which DiskPart will confirm.
  6. Make a new bootable partition by entering “create partition primary”.
  7. Select this partition with select partition 1, and then mark it as active by typing “active”.
  8. Format the key by inputting “format fs=fat32”. This should take a few minutes, and DiskPart will display a progress percentage.
  9. Type “assign” to give this USB key a drive letter. Close the DiskPart program using “exit”
  10. Now copy your Operating Systems’s installation files from the original DVD, extract ISO onto the USB drive.

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    Although I did not try this method but if this works, then its a good method for burning ISO to USB. Do we need to format every time with CMD if we want to burn again?

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