Livewire and PCB Wizard, Best Electronics Practice Tools For New User

Livewire is a simulated electronics laboratory that uses animation and sound to demonstrate the principles of electronic circuits. Switches, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits and hundreds of other components can all be connected together to investigate hidden concepts such as voltage, current and charge. There are no limits to the circuits that can be designed and no loose connections or faulty components to worry about. However, if the maximum ratings for any components are exceeded, they will explode.




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PCB Wizard 3 is a highly innovative package for designing single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs).It provides a comprehensive range of tools covering all the traditional steps in PCB production, including schematic drawing, schematic capture, component placement, automatic routing, Bill of Materials reporting and file generation for manufacturing. In addition, PCB Wizard 3 offers a wealth of clever new features that do away with the steep learning curve normally associated with PCB packages.

PCB Wizard

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System Requirements:

  • IBM compatible PC with a Pentium-class processor
  • 16 Megabytes of (RAM) memory. 32 Megabytes of (RAM) memory recommended.
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 (with SP6), Win 2000 or XP and Win 7.

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