How to remove default footer from Atahualpa

When I start this website then I checked lot of free wordpress themes from various good sites. After all I searched and got Atahualpa theme accidentally. And now my opinion is that It is a best free theme for wordpress and cannot be compared to any other theme. Hope everyone like who has some knowledge about CSS, PHP and HTML languages. You can use totally free this theme but if you want to get special features then you donate some money to author for supporting this beautiful theme. In this post I tell you how to remove default footer in Atahualpa Theme and add your own links in the footer. However I request to everyone If you are not able to give donation to author, then you can use this tip.Atahualpa-Theme

Simply go to theme editor and select Theme Functions (functions.php) search for footer_content in your text file editor and replace the code as instruction below.

function footer_output($footer_content) {
$footer_content .= ‘
Powered by WordPress & the Atahualpa WP Theme by BytesForAll. Now with Tutorials & Support‘;
return $footer_content;


replace with below code:

function footer_output($footer_content) {
$footer_content .= ”;
return $footer_content;


Note: Take care while replacing the code in (functions.php).

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  1. Abdul Gani says:

    I also use a free wordpress theme, but is there any option to display the owner / maker theme. But I deliberately check to show that everyone can have or use a theme that I used. But this is important information for people who have a theme like you want to delete the default foofter. :)
    Excuse me, have you visiting my blog? What language do you find? if you read my blog in Indonesian it stands to google translator is not working properly. Salam … :)

  2. Denise says:

    please keep posting those great articles, your readers thank you so much for that, as we can always learn something new from your articles.

  3. Enedina says:

    the resume information is quite helpful. your sharing is much appreciated.

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