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Holy Ramadan Calendar With Sehr-o-Iftar Timetable Year 2015 / 1436 H

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Ramadan is Mubarak to the Muslims of the complete world. It’s I pray to God Almighty, that it’s going to bring Peace, Prosperity, Unity & Dignity for whole Muslims, Ameen. invariably all timings of Roza are according to respective city and its surroundings. Below is the expected Ramadan calendar 2015 / 1436 H Included Sahr and Iftartime table for Pakistan. In each country the moon looking committee astronomically decide once ar the first day of Ramadan in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, USA, UK, etc. Changes in time occur roughly as a result of a similar reason that’s behind the variation in the time of sunset and sunrise.Ramadan Calendar 2015

 Holy Ramadan Calendar 2015 , Rawalpindi / Islamabad Sehr-o-Iftar Time (Hanafi
RamadanDateDaySehr TimesIftar Times
1-19th June 2015Friday03:18 AM07:11 PM
2-20th June 2015Saturday03:18 AM07:11 PM
3-21st June 2015Sunday03:19 AM07:12 PM
4-22nd June 2015Monday03:19 AM07:12 PM
5-23rd June 2015Tuesday03:19 AM07:12 PM
6-24th June 2015Wednesday03:19 AM07:12 PM
7-25th June 2015Thursday03:20 AM07:12 PM
8-26th June 2015Friday03:20 AM07:12 PM
9-27th June 2015Saturday03:20 AM07:12 PM
10-28th June 2015Sunday03:21 AM07:13 PM
11-29th June 2015Monday03:21 AM07:13 PM
12-30th June 2015Tuesday03:22 AM07:13 PM
13-1st July 2015Wednesday03:22 AM07:13 PM
14-2nd July 2015Thursday03:23 AM07:13 PM
15-3nd July 2015Friday03:23 AM07:13 PM
16-4th July 2015Saturday03:24 AM07:12 PM
17-5th July 2015Sunday03:24 AM07:12 PM
18-6th July 2015Monday03:25 AM07:12 PM
19-7th July 2015Tuesday03:26 AM07:12 PM
20-8th July 2015Wednesday03:26 AM07:12 PM
21-9th July 2015Thursday03:27 AM07:12 PM
22-10th July 2015Friday03:28 AM07:11 PM
23-11th July 2015Saturday03:28AM07:11 PM
24-12th July 2015Sunday03:29 AM07:11 PM
25-13th July 2015Monday03:30 AM07:11 PM
26-14th July 2015Tuesday03:31AM07:10 PM
27-15th July 2015Wednesday03:31 AM07:10 PM
28-16th July 2015Thursday03:32 AM07:10 PM
29-17th July 2015Friday03:33 AM07:09 PM
30-18th July 2015Saturday03:34 AM07:09 PM

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