Free And Portable Utility That Drives Away Mosquitoes From Your Computer Area

Anti Mosquito is a free and portable utility that shall drive mosquitoes the far away from your computer area. This software produce mosquito repellent ultra sound. Then mosquito fly away from your PC Computer area. This software produce mosquito repellent ultra sound and this sound causes an undesirable effect on mosquitoes. So mosquitoes do not come closer to your computer.

Anti Mosquito

The sound range of this program produce beyond the audible range of humans. That’s why you can’t hear it. Pests and other animals can through hear the very same frequency. This sound produces an undesirable effect on mosquitoes and other pests thus restrain them from flying. This ultra sound is completely safe from damaging your hearing. When you click Active button, this software start to produce the mosquito repellent ultra sound. Human ear can’t hear this sound.

Anti Mosquito

Make sure your speakers are turned on, and quality of them is good. Download free form its official website: anti-mosquito

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