Flip Page Qasas-ul-Anbiya By Imam Ibn-E-Kaseer, Stories Of Holy Prophets

Qasas ul Anbiya is an amazing book it contains the stories of the holy prophets from Quran and Sunna. It is written by Ibn E Kaseer, his full name was Abu UL Fida Ismail bin Umar bin Kaseer (أبو الفداء إسماعيل بن عمر بن كثير), Born c. 1300 / 701 H and Died 18 February 1373. He was a great great Sunni scholar and authentic writer of the history of Islam. This Book is in Urdu language and translation from Arabic. The present book contains stories of all famous prophets of Islam.Qasas ul Anbiya

I have created and compiled In Flip Pages, you can feel better during studying it instead of PDF or other sources. No need to install Adobe Reader, or any other application. Just scroll arrow keys or mouse pointer to select your desired content. Also next and back the pages. Compatible for all Microsoft windows xp, vista, windows 7 and 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. After download extract in the folder. Created in one file (Portable), so do not need to install.Qasas ul Anbiya_1 Qasas ul Anbiya_2

Qasas ul Anbiya_3 Qasas ul Anbiya_4

Created in one file (Portable), so do not need to install. It is a complete book which has 726 Pages and size is just 100 MB. If you like then share with others and leave comments. I request you to forward it to as Many People as you can and Pray for me.


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