Download Free Bangla Word v1.9.0 Full Included 39 Top Bengali Fonts

BanglaWord is a smart word processing application, specifically designed for writing Bengali documents. Bangla text is entered using only the vowels (swarabarnas) and the consonant (banjonbarnos). The conjunct characters (juktho okkors) are placed automatically by the system if possible otherwise when indicated by the user. Bengali alphabet is mapped phonetically on to the standard QWERTY keyboard, independent of any Bangla font. BanglaWordThis minimizes the initial learning curve and removes the need for physical layout template. Built using TXControl from The Imaging.

Simply install Banglaword installer and go to Control Panel and copy the bengali fonts given and Paste them to the folder of the Control Panels “Font” No need of Registration.


BanglaWord_239 Top Bengali Fonts:



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  1. bubun guha roy says:


  2. Sourish Jana says:

    Good work…
    Thank you…

  3. Biswajit Saha says:

    pl send me the bangla word software.

  4. sahid hasan says:

    what is the password of this zip/rar

  5. sahid hasan says:


  6. SOURAV says:

    pls send me bangla word software

  7. ADI says:

    Actually it is for Windows XP only

  8. sk samir says:

    plz download opsan

  9. Sudip Aich says:

    Is this full software?

  10. Falguni ghosh says:

    what is file password

  11. safiul islam says:

    plz tell me bangla word password

  12. Antara Sen Gupta says:

    I am not able to download the software. Its very urgent

  13. Aritra Basu says:

    I have been trying to install bangla word,but everytime it’s ending up with a message showing “chech if your drive is free” or something like that.Can I be helped anyway Mr.Farooq?

  14. SOMSUBHRA ROY says:


  15. NABA BARMAN says:

    pls tell me bangla pasward

  16. Sohom Biswas says:

    HV¡ windows 8 H L¡S L­lz Thanks very much.

  17. SURAJIT DAS says:

    Please say to me my above comment and Please give windows 7 version bangla software and help my work .

  18. prithu says:

    Please send me a BanglaWord software

  19. krishna mondal says:

    I cannot download this software.Please send me a BanglaWord software.

  20. SURAJIT DAS says:

    please say to me that how download only bengali 39 fonts without software?

  21. Akash Gupta says:

    Many Many Thanks….

  22. Rahul naskar says:

    I wont to bengoli word downloed .

  23. Constantine says:

    Thanks for creating this freeware .I am really impressed. Keep on updating. And please include the password in the zip file. It will help to save trouble. Thank you!


    Please send me the software

  25. Prasenjit Sur says:

    can i use this software in windows 8.1 ?

  26. MITHUN GHOSH says:


  27. biswanath karmakar says:

    dear sir please is all fornt style don not aplly my pc please help me

  28. Sk Mafiz Ali says:

    How to download please tell me

  29. Sk Firdaus Hassan says:

    I can’t install this program in windows10. So, kindly help me to install this program.

  30. Pankaj Kumar Pal says:

    Very good and useful software

  31. Shubhankar says:

    the password of previous comments is not working will you provide me the new one.


    Sir, Banglaword password

  33. EMDADUL HAQUE says:

    plz send banglaword password

  34. mojibur says:

    verry succes softwere

  35. asit naguri says:

    what is password for bangla word

  36. siddhartha parui says:


  37. Ajijur says:

    this link is not working please help me sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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