Definition And Types Of Four, Five, Six Band Resistors And Its Formulas

A Resistors is used to create a known voltage to current ratio in an electric circuits. If the current in a circuit is known, then a Resistors can be used to create a known potential difference proportional to that current. On the contrary, if the potential difference between two points in a circuit is known, a Resistors can be used to create a known current proportional to that difference.

Fixed and Variable  resistors
Types of Resistors:
There are two major types of resistor used in Electronics.
1- Fixed resistors mostly are carbon film and metal film resistors fixed resistors.

2- Variable resistors are also called Potentiometers or Rheostats and allow the resistance of
the device to be altered by hand.

Four Band Resistors Color Codes:

4 Band Resistor Color Codes

Five and Six Band Resistors Color Codes:

5 and 6 Band Resistor Color Codes

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