Awesome Free Software Included 27 Million Worldwide Locations, Prayer Times And Qibla Direction

The DAWAT-E-ISLAMI IT department presents a great Islamic scientific investigation based software “Auqaat-us-Salaat”. Through this software select Options you can know the details (twelve months times, perform the prayers, Qibla direction, and break times Sehr-o-Iftaar). In addition certain options, through google map, hours of any region of the world can be taken out easily.Auqaat-us-Salaat (2)

Main Features:

1- Beautiful colors software can be used. Such as green, gray, blue color.
2- This software is provided you use Urdu and English languages.
3- Prayer times throughout the year, also QAZA prayers Counting facility has been provided.
4- You can get your desired city, Sahar and Iftar timings.
5- Reminder settings here are three separate facilities ( Note after Azan, Note before Azan and hearing the Azan facility.Auqaat-us-Salaat

Download this free Islamic Software from its official website and share it on Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter and comment below. Auqaat-us-Salaat Lite Version (without .Net framework) , Auqaat-us-Salaat Full Version (with .Net framework 2.0)

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2 Responses

  1. Muslim App says:

    If you are on a remote location and find it difficult to identify the Qiblah direction to say your prayers, Deenwise will automatically find it based on your current location.
    Download for iPhone:
    Download for Android:

  2. Zia-e-Taiba says:

    Awesome software you can also see the Qibla Direction & Prayer Timings Al-Moazzin

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