All-In-One Revised Basic Pay Scales Chart 1972 to 2016 In PDF, Excel and Image Format

All-In-One Revised basic pay scales Chart 1972 to 2016,  Revised Pay Scale Chart 2016 has also added approved by the government. These all charts are very beneficial for the pay fixation with back date, and no need to have found your desired data from multi chart. The Basic Pay Scales were revised during the various years in the history of Pakistan. You can also see full detail of Revised Pay Scale Chart 2016All-In-One-Revised-Basic-Pay-scales-Chart-1972-to-2016-1

All Pay Scale charts as under:
1- Revised Pay Scale- 1972, with effect from 01-03-1972

2- Revised Pay Scale- 1977, with effect from 01-05-1977

3- Revised Pay Scale- 1983, with effect from 01-07-1983

4- Revised Pay Scale- 1987, with effect from 01-07-1987

5- Revised Pay Scale- 1991, with effect from 01-06-1991

6- Revised Pay Scale- 1994, with effect from 01-06-1994

7- Revised Pay Scale- 2001, with effect from 01-12-2001

8- Revised Pay Scale- 2005, with effect from 01-07-2005

9- Revised Pay Scale- 2007, with effect from 01-07-2007

10- Revised Pay Scale- 2008, with effect from 01-07-2008

11- Revised Pay Scale- 2011, with effect from 01-07-2011

12- Revised Pay Scale- 2015, with effect from 01-07-2015

13- Revised Pay Scale- 2016, with effect from 01-07-2016

All-In-One Revised Basic Pay scales Chart 1972 to 2016 (2)

DOWNLOAD the All-In-One Pay Scale Chart in PDF, Microsoft Excel and Image format.


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