A Very Simple Way To Check Your Expire Remote Controls Cell

Nowadays almost all houses are present remote control TV set, CD player, Split AC, etc., and two cells are used in their remote control. If the cells are not used good company, so very soon you need the cell to change. However, sometimes there is not in the cell that is in the remote malfunction. How to know if remote cell are weak or notExpire Remote Controls Cell

Then you can check them by using any other device, toy etc. But we can tell you the easy way. Simply ON your cell phone camera, turn remote to the camera and press any remote button. For this purpose you can use the front or back camera. Pressing the button on the remote will see the light burning.

32-nodither All camera phones and digital cameras are capable of seeing this (infrared rays) light. Pressing the button if you do not see any light. Or they are too dim, then it means that the cell has completed his age. And now you can change into new cells. You can try this trick by using your computer or laptop Webcam.

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