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A pioneer DC Solar Compatible LED lighting Supplier Company In China

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Shangyu Yuanhen lighting Company is a reliable supplier of good price/quality LED bulbs that are solar compatible. Tailor-making for this special needs of these remote rural and hilly  region villages using the Solar Home System. They offer to help you handle all the hassles in China and make you focus on your precious time more on where you really need. When you send us your requirements, they will send you a quote as soon as possible with 24 hours.LED Bulbs

1- Best price versus quality and direct sale from factory in China to clients’ country.
2- Its LED bulbs are compatible with the Solar Home System.
3- Provide quality LED Bulbs with high light efficacy and insect-proof.
4- Fast and Cheap with fine quality, Good after-sale services.

Solar Compatible  LED Bulbs

For more specific information of each product, contact us:

Direct Line: +86 -574-65085065
Cell: +86 15658255860
Skype: nicolas.zhou9
Email: nicolas.zhou9@gmail.com
Shangyu Yuanhen lighting Co.,Ltd
Foreign Trading Department

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