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A Perfect Extension To Remove The Limits Of Google Plus Stream

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Now you can remove the black space and white space from Google+ stream using remove the limits of G+ extension with customizable options. This extension is developing fast and its useful if you want to redesign your social network page. This extension will be benefited and available for using latest Google Chrome browser on your PC. This extension will changes to remove blackspace and whitespace in the stream and change some visual modifications on the stream so you can looks so much better without the black barRemove-The-Limits-Of-Google

Important Features:

  • Google Chrome have default option is removing the height limit of image and remove the black space with enlarge the image.
  • Any time if you want you can disable it in the option.
  • You can remove black bars and make them white.
  • Align images to left
  • Remove all borders around the post.
  • Extend your stream to maximum width.

For more detail and get this Chrome Extension from chrome.google.com

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