A New Way to Enjoy Android Apps on Your Computer Desktop

Android is undoubtedly the most like the operating system. Due to the numerous games and applications Android has become the focus of great interest. That is a desktop program can be becoming the support Android as the PC environment. In this regard Bluestacks is most popular program. In addition KoPlayer is also well known. Both programs are  very loaded  and its needed a lot more hardware to work.MEmu Android Emulator

Today I have to introduce a new program that really put up with a better, lightweight and extremely useful features from bluestacks. The program is MEmu.

MEmu Android Emulator (2)

This program you can use on Windows Seven and windows ten. You should have one GB of RAM and one GB of disk space in your system . Whereas this bluestacks requires twice the hardware to work. This program can be obtained two versions, Android kit kat and Android Loly pop. This can be especially useful for application developers, who can use it to test their applications.MEmu Android Emulator (3)

After the installation, you can set up a new Android phone exactly like it. First, you will have to log in with your Google account, if you do not have a Google Account can be a new account here. Then the basic settings of the program will be ready for use. You can use your phone or tablet at any Android. But with the mouse, if your laptop is touch screen, then it would be doubly beneficial.MEmu Android Emulator (6)

Now you must be thinking that what is unique about it? Well its unique features is that it can run more than once in separate windows. Its mean that more than one Android even on the same computer.

MEmu Android Emulator (4)

If you have .apk file on your computer, the program will recognize them. Just double-click on it, the program will install the application for you.MEmu Android Emulator (5)

Bluestacks put in you a closed room, because of this you can not access the images or videos in the PC. Similarly, the data of bluestacks cannot reach via PC. In fact, it is not on the MEmu. MEmu give this facility to exchange data on both sides, and also Downloaded data is within the android you can easily see in Windows. This program is free to download, please visit the following link. www.memuplay.com

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